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Some Essential Tips on Installing Outdoor Christmas Lights

how to install Christmas lights

During Christmas season, it’s fun to decorate our homes since it is a way for us and our family to truly feel the Christmas vibes. Unfortunately, some homeowners focus too much on decorating the inside of the house that oftentimes the outside area is left looking weary and boring–definitely having no Christmas spirit at all.

It’s not that we have to decorate the exterior part of our home as much as we decorate inside; putting up Christmas trees, fake gifts, Christmas socks, etc. is not really necessary for the outdoors. A simple set of lights would already do great. But how should setting up Christmas lights outdoors be done? Well, let us check out the important tips for this Christmas project.

Tips in Lights Installation

For the traditional Christmas lights, here are some useful tips to be followed to ensure a safe and effective installation.

  • Do not install it alone.

Installing lights in the exterior part of the home won’t be as easy as doing it inside the house. You’ll need some assistance especially since it involves lots of climbing and staying in higher areas. Doing it alone will only expose you to more risks of accidents and we definitely do not want that.

  • Prepare the ladder.

As previously mentioned, this installation will entail some climbing and reaching out for higher areas; with that said, a ladder is one of the most important equipment to make this installation much effective.

  • Secure thumb tacks and tapes.

Make sure you have thumb tacks and the right type of tapes for the wires of the Christmas lights. In some cases, however, these things might not be necessary. For instance, if you wish to just wrap the lights around the tree or bush, there is no need to mount the lights on a surface.

  • Make sure you have enough extension cords.

In order to for the Christmas lights to work, it will have to be plugged into the right sockets. If these power sockets are quite far from the areas where the Christmas lights are installed, extension cords will have to be used.

  • Use waterproof lights.

In case of rain, it’s always best to use waterproof Christmas lights when decorating the outside of your home. Of course, we do not want Christmas lights that will die off when there is a downpour.

the best laser lights for Christmas

New Trend: Laser Lights

Indeed, the traditional Christmas lights is quite hassle during its installation. You’ll have to climb ladders and risk yourself falling, you will need lots of extension wires if you want to go all out in decorating and most of all, you will also be worried about the power being unable to take all of the lights going on in and out of the house. Fortunately, there is an alternative to the traditional lights and this is the new laser lights. With laser lights, you just simply mount and plug it in in order for it to work. It is definitely the quickest Christmas lights to install.

Basically, the laser light will project a wide array of dots, stars, or other Christmas symbols that will cover the entirety of your house or even your garden without taking up much power. What’s great is that these laser lights can also be used for other parties or activities at home, even for movie nights in the backyard. So, if you want to know more about this, check out Laser HQ’s info.


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