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Game Night: Reasons Behind The Importance of Game Nights

video games for vision

For many of us who are gamers or gaming enthusiasts, we usually go to the extent of taking the time and effort to set up game nights with family or friends. Others may even reserve game nights for themselves only. As to the reason of setting up a night for gaming, most of the time, it’s basically to get rid of boredom. But just so you know, game nights are not just for that; there are actually plenty of reasons as to why we should really set up these chill gaming nights.

But Why?

To Have Fun

Ultimately, you set up a big screen and a projector for your ps4 in order for you to have fun as you play your video games. To have fun is perhaps the most common and basic reason why we allot certain days or nights to which we can freely play xbox games or even board games with our friends or family members. Needless to say, playing games is a great way to have fun.

To De-Stress

Especially for those who are studying or working hard in school or in the workplace, a stress reliever is sought after. After series of exams at school or after completing a deadline at work, you definitely will need a breather just to relax your mind and this is where game nights come in.

To Bond

Another reason to set up game nights is because it is an ultimate way to bond with your friends or family. In times when you get super busy at work or in school, you must not forget to set up a certain day or night wherein you would still be able to spend time with your family; this is where game nights come in. By simply playing FIFA on ps4 or scrabble, you are able to bond with your friends and/or family.

To Improve

Playing games will help you improve, in general. For instance, participating in sports may help you improve motor skills, endurance, and strength. The same goes for video games which have been found to improve visual skills. Video games have been shown to sharpen skills in tracking certain objects on the screen. Other than this, board games have also been shown to improve or enhance memory, strategy, logic, analysis, etc. It is then safe to say that games wil help you improve in so many ways.

Bottom Line

Again, games may seem to be trivial but in reality, they actually provide us with so much benefits, some which we are not even conscious about. By now, you probably won’t look at game nights the same again. It is, therefore, well established that game nights are actually compulsory so as to give rise to the benefits mentioned above. 

In the end, it does not really matter which games are played; whether it’s a physical sport of Jiu-Jitsu, a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game, or a board game of monopoly, all these will still provide us physical and/or mental benefits.

Baby Grappling? What is it All About

Some of the world’s best grapplers began learning their trade at a very early age, naturally providing them with an edge over their competitors. Many of these young practitioners began rolling with a jiu-jitsu gi.

The jiu-jitsu gi is an outfit or uniform if you will, often times worn by participants of the sport. The gi consists of a heavy cotton jacket, trousers and a belt.

Learning jiu-jitsu with a gi is even more advantageous to the competitor because if used properly the gi can also be used as a weapon. Now more than ever children are starting to get involved in the sport not only for exercise but also for self-defense.

A major problem that existed was that gis were not often produced in child sizes thus availability was virtually non-existent.

Birth of the Baby Gi

The idea of Baby Grappling came in 2008 when the designer, Berglind, was looking for a baby martial arts uniform as a gift for her unborn nephew. His father teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Iceland and Berglind wanted to relate the gift with grappling. Needless to say, the search was unsuccessful so she decided to design a gi for an infant and sew it herself.

Upon successful completion she thought to herself, why not make a business out of this idea and produce an income as a second job to help make ends meet? Roughly a year after conception Baby Grappling was formed and producing gis for infants.

The main product is the Baby Gi, a miniature martial arts outfit designed as daywear for 0-2 year olds. The outfit is designed with baby’s comfort and safety in mind and is made of 100% high quality, super soft cotton.

The jackets have a closed front and the belts are specially designed for curious kids. The knot is pre-sewn onto the belt and the belts are secured with velcro on the side, making them easily adjustable and out of reach of little hands.

Use and Availability of the Baby Gi

When children are at the early infant age they are obviously not practicing any armbars or heel hooks so the gi can be worn simply for playing in the yard or just casually around the house.

What was once inspired from a gift has now grown into a booming business that has been featured in mixed martial arts magazines and sites across the globe.

The baby gi is now available in 28 different countries and can easily be purchased at Amazon.com or babygi.com Cost of the gi is $29.90 Berglind told U.S. Combat Sports that she is currently working on making new products that include larger sizes. Find more at US Combat Sports.

Size info for Baby Gi and belts

Given sizes are in centimeters (European sizes) and inches, and show baby’s height. Please note that the age is estimated and it is always safest if you know the height of the baby or toddler.

  • 62 (24.4 in) 0-3 months
  • 68 (27 in) 3-6 months
  • 74 (29 in) 6-9 months
  • 80 (31 in) 9-12 months
  • 86 (34 in) 1 – 1 1/2 years
  • 92 (36.2 in) 1 1/2 – 2 years

Belts come in two sizes:

  • Small: Fits Baby Gi sizes 62-68-74
  • Medium: Fits Baby Gi sizes 80-86-92

Ultimate Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Hockey

game of hockey

Sports for Kids

As parents, we want to encourage our children to try out and join sports; although, having your kids run around the backyard until they trip on garden lights don’t really count as a sport. In a sense, joining sports is a great opportunity for our kids to socialize, relax, and have fun. Sports would also help our kids avoid health risks such as obesity and in general, sports would be a great help for our kid’s physical and mental wellness.

There’s many sports that are great for our kids; oftentimes, these sports are offered in schools in the form of clubs, varsity teams, physical education classes or during sportsfest and intramural events. Some of the most common sports would be volleyball, baseball, soccer, and basketball.

Another sport that would be perfect for your child would be hockey; for this sport, remember to make sure your kid has the perfect junior hockey skates. In this article, we will walk you through the reasons why hockey is great for your child. Let’s get right into it.

Why Hockey?

  • About Teamwork

One major key to success in hockey games is teamwork. With hockey, your child will definitely be able to build his character. Along the way, your child will learn how to adjust when working with other people. Your child will learn how trust others as well as how to handle the responsibilities that will be assigned to him/her during hockey games. All this would benefit your child greatly in the future.

  • Perfect Exercise

A hockey game is deemed to be a great form of exercise as it requires both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Hockey improves the efficiency of your child’s cardiovascular system. Moreover, hockey will help burn calories even after the game since this sport has high-intensity intervals. Hence, hockey is great for kids with weight problems as well as those with diabetes. Finally, hockey also helps in improving your child’s motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination.

benefits of hockey for kids

  • Enhances Mental Agility

Hockey is a fast game and so, this sport requires fast thinking when it comes to solving game problems through strategic moves. That being said, your child will be trained to make calculated but quick decisions in the rink–and this ability might translate well in your child’s future endeavors.

  • Develops Communication Skills

One great benefit from playing hockey is learning how communicate. This game won’t work if team members don’t communicate. Thus, your child will be trained to express himself/herself well to other people even under pressure.

  • Requires Dedication

Hockey is a game that requires solid dedication; this means allotting time for practice and more practice. In a sense, this will help your child learn how to make time and effort in improving his/her skills. Through hockey, your child will learn how to concentrate and focus in achieving his/her goal. You’ll be surprised how your child will be able to carry out this trait even outside a hockey match.

For Parents and Kids: A List of Fun Activities that Can be Done at Home

how to bake with kids

The idea of staying at home the whole day does not sound fun, at all, especially for kids. Even adults, who usually prefer to stay in and rest, may even find lounging at home boring from time to time. More so, children get easily bored and staying at home with not much activities to do may just be too boring for them.

Getting Rid of Boredom


Kids, especially the smaller ones, have a short attention span and so, they easily get bored. That being said, keeping them busy with different activities will help them enjoy and have fun. However, simply giving your kid an iPad for games will only shrink their attention span even more and we don’t want that.

Still, as much as possible, we want our kids to have fun and be in a happy mood all the time. This is mainly why some parents have opted to take matters into their own hands. If you’re a parent, caretaker or a homeowner who is looking for ideas on how to have fun at home; then, you have come to the right place.

Here in Ryan Air Cabin Group, we will discuss some effective ideas which have worked well for home residents, parents and kids. Without further ado, let us look into the fun stuff.

Ideas for Fun Activities


  • Build an outdoor or indoor home theater

One of the most popular activities that can be done at home is to have a movie night or a movie marathon. This activity works well both for adults and kids. Typically, watching the movie in the living room would suffice; however, if you want to step up the game, you may assign an area of the house, a room maybe, as your very own theater.

Not only indoor theaters work well, outdoor theaters work amazing too. You might want to try a film in your backyard with the help of some inflatable screens, projectors and speakers. Indeed, a backyard theater sounds very interesting and yes, it is worth a try. Parents and kids will definitely love this activity as long as the correct preparations are made.

  • Do a karaoke day or night

This might be more fun for the adults; however, kids may also enjoy this as they can show off their singing skills in front of their parents, relatives or friends. There are karaoke microphone and song sets sold in the market but they may only contain songs suited for adults. If you want to focus more on the kids, you could also hook your computer or laptop up with a microphone and just search on Youtube for some sing-along kid songs. This activity might get quite noisy and so, you might want to set the correct time as to when to hold a karaoke session. Furthermore, you could also inform your neighbors so they won’t be surprised.

how to set up outdoor theater

  • Have a pool party

No worries if you don’t have your own pool at home; you can easily buy an inflatable pool that could accommodate adults and kids. Simply fill it up with water and add in some inflatable floaters and water toys for your kids to enjoy. For little girls, you may even dress them up as a mermaid as they will surely enjoy pretending to be a sea princess.

  • Try out some games

Playing games with your kids will always be fun. Interesting games may include hiding things and doing a scavenger hunt or you could even challenge them to a kiddie amazing race that would also exercise their minds. Charades and board games would also be a great way to spend a chill afternoon at home. If you have Xbox, Wii or Playstation, these tools can also be a great help for you and your kids to jam in a gaming session.

  • Do some cooking or baking

Kids love to mix and tinker things; this is exactly cooking or baking is one of the best parent-kid activities out there. You can assign some simple tasks to your kids and they will enjoy their responsibilities since it makes them feel as if they’re in control. The best part, however, is eating what you have made right after.